Climate Action

Angella knows that when it comes to the climate emergency, we can’t afford to tinker around the edges but treat it like the emergency it is. 

We need to set and meet ambitious emissions targets, create sustainable jobs to support workers in a green economy, end fossil fuel subsidies and have a clear plan to protect rivers like the Ottawa river from nuclear waste. 

The global climate is changing and Canadian jobs will change too. But successive Liberal and Conservative governments have left workers to navigate these shifts on their own.

We can do better, and Angella will fight for us to do so. She will push to ensure a New Democratic government follows through on its commitment to workers most impacted by the changes in our economy that they will not pay the price of action on climate change. 

Climate leadership starts and ends with Indigenous leadership, and Angella will always take the lead of the original caretakers of this land when fighting for our planet and future generations. 

Angella’s commitment to bold action on climate change has not gone unnoticed. In the 2019 election, Angella was endorsed as a “climate champion” by

If you agree with Angella's plan for urgent climate action, help Angella win the nomination, so she can represent Ottawa Centre in the fight for a better Canada.

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