Angella MacEwen is running to be your Member of Parliament for Ottawa Centre in the 2021 federal election.

One of Canada’s preeminent progressive economists, Angella is currently the senior economist with the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), where she fights for good jobs and secure pensions for working class people. She is also co-chair of the Trade Justice Network, a fellow with the Broadbent Institute, and a steering committee member of the Progressive Economics Forum.

Growing up in a farming family on the Saskatchewan prairie, Angella knows the value and strength of community. Neighbours helping each other out when times got tough, and sharing in the spoils in good years. Like the NDP itself, this orientation became the bedrock for Angella’s politics.

Angella has dedicated her life to social progress and knows that Ottawa Centre residents deserve a Member of Parliament that is fighting for them, and fighting for our most vulnerable neighbours while holding the rich and powerful accountable. 


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Phone: 6136634790
Address: 52 Armstrong St, Ottawa, ON K1Y 2V7