Angella MacEwen calls for public, intercity bus system for Ottawa Centre residents

OTTAWA - Angella MacEwen, NDP Candidate for Ottawa Centre will give Ottawa Centre residents a way to connect with their friends and family again, with a public, intercity bus service. MacEwen held a press conference Tuesday morning, highlighting the NDP’s commitment to creating a public, intercity bus service through a new crown corporation, and mandate a move towards electric and low emission vehicles.

She made this commitment at the now abandoned Ottawa Central Station, where Greyhound Canada operated routes out of until it ceased Canadian operations in May of 2020. 

“Students and families in Ottawa Centre relied on the Greyhound bus operating out of the Ottawa Central Station for affordable, accessible and safe ways to connect them to their friends and families in other cities. But that option doesn’t exist for them anymore.” Said MacEwen. “It’s been almost a year since the Ottawa Central Station boarded up its windows, and yet the Liberal government has failed to act. The Liberals had a responsibility to help people affected by this decision, but they chose to do nothing. I am going to fight for Ottawa Centre residents.” MacEwen added. 

MacEwen was joined by Stephanie Buchan, a 20-year old University of Ottawa student and Ottawa Centre resident who has struggled to travel home following the Greyhound closure. 

When Greyhound was still operational, it was by far the most accessible way to commute from Ottawa to my family in Toronto. Now the worsening pandemic and the closure of Greyhound has made it harder than ever to visit my loved ones. The other options such as flying or taking the train are simply out of budget for a student like me.” Said Buchan. 

MacEwen has committed to fighting for a central bus station in Ottawa Centre to replace the Ottawa Central Station and ensure Ottawa Centre residents have an accessible, safe and affordable transportation option. 

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