Populus Resources

Here you will find everything you need to know about Populus! If you don't have a Populus account set up for you yet, please jump on our Discord chat and request one in the Populus channel!


The Basics

Below you'll find instructions on how to do the basic tasks of data entry: logging in, entering data from a canvass, and adding new contacts.

✨Logging Into Populus for the First Time [PDF]

💻Entering Data from Canvasses [PDF]

➕Adding a Contact [PDF]

👥Overview of the Contact Profile Page [PDF]

How to Merge Duplicates [PDF]

🔎Basic and Advanced Search [PDF]

The More Advanced Stuff

Below you'll find some of the more administrative how-to documents. Don't be shy, we need everyone able to take a lead role.

🎯Selecting Contacts with Target Criteria [PDF]

🔄Generating Reports [PDF]

🖨️Printing Canvass Sheets [PDF]

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