Fighting the housing crisis, Angella MacEwen calls for new homes on federal lands in Ottawa Centre

Fighting the housing crisis, Angella MacEwen calls for new homes on federal lands in Ottawa Centre 

OTTAWA - Angella MacEwen, NDP candidate for Ottawa Centre is calling for federally owned land in Ottawa Centre to be used to build affordable housing for local families.

“The price of housing in Ottawa has increased so much that many families simply can’t find an affordable place to live. The Liberals have sat by and done nothing to address this crisis,” said MacEwen. “The NDP have a plan to create more affordable housing, take developer influence and money out of the housing market and give people the help they need to find a home they can afford.” 

MacEwen is calling for federally owned space in Ottawa, like LeBreton Flats and unused office buildings to be developed into deeply affordable, non-market and co-op housing. 

“The Liberals have had six years to make housing more affordable for Ottawa families, but instead of taking tangible steps to build more deeply affordable homes like at LeBreton Flats, the Liberals are leaving our public lands available for ultra-rich investors to take over make a profit.” Said MacEwen. “A Liberal MP will only protect the pockets of developers in our city, but Jagmeet Singh and the NDP do not work for billionaires. We will fight for regular families in Ottawa Centre and we are committed to building more homes in Ottawa Centre that people can afford.”

The NDP would also work with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to purchase affordable rental housing to keep rent low and discourage big investors from buying up rental buildings to drive up rent. The NDP would work with Indigenous peoples to ensure proper consultations are done and that treaty rights are respected in the transfer of federal lands. 

Today’s commitment builds on Jagmeet Singh’s plan for 1.7 million homes and adds to his plan to take big money out of housing by: 

  • Building 500,000 new homes families can afford. 
  • Keeping wealthy speculators out of the housing market. 
  • Cracking down on house flipping and other activities that drive up house prices. 
  • Helping families buy their first home. 
  • Protecting affordable rental properties and taking steps to make rent more affordable. 


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