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Angella’s roots originate in the birthplace of the NDP itself, on the Saskatchewan prairie. Like many farming families, Angella and her three siblings were raised in the same farmhouse as their parents and grandparents. In these early years Angella learned the lessons of the strength of community. Neighbours would help each other out when times got tough, and share in the spoils in good years. Like the NDP itself, this orientation became the bedrock for Angella’s politics.

After high school, Angella knew she wanted to go to University, but resources were thin. With limited options for paying her way, Angella followed a path uncommon for women and joined the Canadian Armed Forces, choosing the Navy as her branch of service. In 2006, Angella decided to leave military service, while continuing to be an advocate for peace through her university studies.

Angella has dedicated her life to social progress. Much of this dedication gelled when she obtained her BA in International Development from St. Mary’s University. She joined the steering committee of the NS Voice of Women for Peace and contributed to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives—Nova Scotia branch. Throughout her early working  years, she was constantly dogged by right-wing economists, who criticized her work on “economic grounds”. Angella was determined to prove them wrong, so she once again followed a path uncommon for women and obtained her Master’s in Economics from Dalhousie University. 


As one of Canada’s preeminent progressive economists, Angella goes toe-to-toe on a daily basis with the policy-shops of Canada’s big banks, industry executives and elected officials. Angella holds the position as the Senior Economist at the Canadian Union of Public Employees. Her primary research focus is understanding the Canadian labour market, broader economic trends, and the impacts of social policy on workers.

She uses her credentials to aid in the work of many progressive organizations, including acting as a Research Associate with the CCPA, a fellow with the Broadbent Institute, and a steering committee member of the Progressive Economics Forum. 

She has volunteered her number crunching skills to $15 and Fairness campaigns, the Sanctuary Cities movement, Legal Aid Clinics across the county, the Green Economy Network, and the Trade Justice Network, just to name a few. In addition to her work with various community and advocacy organizations, Angella has contributed countless hours to help cost policy initiatives for the NDP at the provincial and federal level.


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